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  • ✔ The engine speed is 20,000 rpm, the air flow is 3.2m³ / min, the air volume is up to 11.5 m / s, and the noise is only 40 dB. With the innovative inner cylinder design of 2020 and 18 centrifugal dust-free fan blades, the author's innovative dust-free fan blades will not accumulate dust for life. Eliminate the hassle of cleaning.
  • 【Three-stage wind speed and three magnetic nozzles】 You can freely choose three cold / hot / strong wind modes according to the situation. With the cold air switch, you can switch between hot and cold with a single tap. ✔ In addition, three special types of electromagnetic nozzles are provided, such as smooth nozzles, standard nozzles and diffuser nozzles, which can be used for various hairstyles such as long hair, straight hair
  • 【Dust cap and overheat prevention function】 The hair dryer weighs about 400 g (excluding the power cord) and is lighter than a 500 ml plastic bottle. ✔ The length of the power cord is 2 m and the device is equipped with an overheating protection device, so if the body temperature is too high, the power will automatically turn off. Equipped with a flat dust-proof tail cover to prevent foreign matter from flowing out of the suction port and the dry air nozzle.
  • 【57 ℃ constant temperature hair care and negative ion technology】 our hair dryer has a high concentration of negative ions and is rich in 20 million ions to protect the hair. Improves hair's water retention and grooming while retaining a lot of moisture. Prolonged use can improve the shine and softness of hair. The built-in intelligent temperature control function keeps the temperature constant when using the hair dryer, prevents damage due to overheating, and protects the shine of the hair.
  • 【Complete PSE certification and one-year quality guarantee】 Our PSE certification is a complete PSE certification, which is not only suitable for power plugs, but also for the entire dryer, and has high safety, please rest assured. can.
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