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Note: This kit does not contain Printing thing; Powder steel plate and Power supply cable.

You can refer this link to know more about prints.

And assembled stpes


New filament sensor

The previous sensor cannot be used with some specific filaments. The optical sensor used in the new sensor is triggered by a simple mechanical lever. The sensor does not care about the optical properties of the filament , and will not die due to mechanical wear.

Quick service

Thanks to the completely remodeled extruder, if you want to replace the nozzle or PTFE tube, you do not need to disassemble the entire extruder. In addition, the nozzle and extruder motor are closer to the X axis, which means less resonance and better printing results. Better Y-axis belt tensioning is just the icing on the cake.

Better cooling

Thanks to the better design of the entire extruder, the airflow has been increased, so the cooling capacity has been improved. We also focus on the cooling of printed objects, MK2.5S / MK3S are more suitable for printing from flexible materials.

Packing List:

1. 1 * Aluminum frame + 1 * Front panel + 1 * Rear panel + 1 * Y bracket +

2. 3 U-shaped bolts

3. 10 * LM8UU bearing

4. Smooth rod kit-2 * 320mm + 2 * 330mm + 2 * 370mm

5. Aluminum profile kit-2 * 205MM 3030 + 2 x * 120MM 3030

6.4 * Shockproof feet

7.1 * MK52 electromagnetic heating bed + 1 * steel plate + 2 * PEI board

8.1 * 30cm heating bed casing cable

9. Motor kit-Nema 17 stepper motor and z-axis 320mm motor

10. Rinse board + 1*2004LCD

11. Infrared filament sensor with cable (group)

12. Power emergency switch with cable and switch

13. P.I.N.D.A V2 sensor

14. Power

15. 4010 fan

16. 5015 fan

17. Radiator extruder radiator with nozzle assembly

18. 50CM textile casing cable * 1

19. HT-NTC100K thermistor temperature sensor 1m * 1

20. 24V 50W ceramic cartridge heater 1M * 1

21.1 M PTFE tube Teflonto * 1

22. Drive gear extruder kit

23. 2m gt2 belt with 2 * pulleys

24. 2 * 623

25.9 *Aluminum gasket

26. 1 set of complete screw nut kit

27. 1M PTFE tube

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