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T90-Tractors 2.1M Gas Powered Fixed Wing 2130mm Wingspan Light Wood Balsa Oil RC Trainer Airplane

Big wing area make small loads, which allows the airplane to take-off or land in a short distance without openning the wing flap.
This had been added more servo areas by 30% to traditional trainer, which make it more flexible than traditional airplane but less flexible than 3D aircraft.
The center of gravity on fuselage has been optimized, making the engines among 20-30cc available.
This aircraft is 53% light wood, that make its take-off weight at least 500g lighter than a conventional model with the same wingspan (about 10%-15% lighter). Its lighter weight of take-off makes better flight performance and longer flight time.
Wingspan : 2130mm
Fuselage : 1500mm
Take-off Weight : 5.3kg
Wings Load : 65g/
Recomanded Parts(not included)
Servo : 37g*7(wings flap*2,aileon*2,Flat vertical tail*2,throttle wire*1)  Click Here 
Engine: 20CC-26CC gas(reconmand DLE 20cc /DLE 20CC RA)  Click Here 
Oil Tank : 300ml(H<=60mm)  Click Here 
Propeller : 16-17 inch gas prop (recommand 16 inch wood prop)  Click Here 
UBEC : 5V 8-15A  Click Here 
RC System : 6ch above  Click Here 

User Manual please click here
KIT version has kit only, no oil tank parts
KIT&power version is kit and oil tank accessories
Package Included 
1 x KIT
1 x 90 class oil tank accessories pack

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