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Brand Name: ALZRC
Material: Composite Material
Tool Supplies: Assembled class
Upgrade Parts/Accessories: ALZRC - N-FURY T7 KIT
Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Technical parameters: KV1100
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller
Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage
For Vehicle Type: Helicopters
Wheelbase: Screws

Main Rotor Diameter:1578mm(700mm)
Main shaft Diameter:15mm 
Main Blade Length:700mm~730mm
Spindle Shaft Diameter:10mm 
Tail Rotor Diameter:300mm(105mm)
Tail rotor shaft Diameter:6mm 
Tail Blade Length:105mm~115mm 
Tail rotor spindle shaft Diameter:5mm 
Weight:2850g(Including blades,without battery and electronic equipment) 
Motor Size:Maximum diameter 65mm、Maximum hight 65mm 
Motor Shaft:6mm 
Battery Compartment:70×75×320mm 
Servo Size:Standard 40mm width 
Main Rotor Ratio:1:10(Motor Pinion 11T) 
Tail Rotor Ratio:1:4.7(Tail Pinion20T) 

Package Included:
N-FURY T7 KITx1(Battery Mount x1) 
Carbon Fiber Blades×1 
Carbon Fiber Tail Blade ×1 

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