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In recent months, all beauty addicts have had eyes only for he. A make-up sponge entirely made of silicone, which allows a simplified and uniform application of the foundation, without loss of material available in USA, Canada. More hygienic than a classic health Beauty Blender and above all much more economical, the ideal tool for those who do not have time to do make-up touch-ups during the day.
False eyelashes, we love it. What we like less, however, are the long minutes spent trying to pose them correctly. Suddenly, we stick, we take off and finally the result is not always there. To give us a little boost, the Flirt Cosmetics brand has invented a gun that lets you apply lashes in just a few seconds. A revolution !
On average, it is advisable to clean our makeup brushes once a week. So, to make things easier for us, and to avoid spending long minutes washing them by hand, the British brand EYSHOPPING Make-up has developed a device capable of washing our brushes in 30 seconds flat. To use it? Nothing's easier ! Just clip the brush onto the electronic tip that matches your size and immerse it in a jar of hot water and soap. As soon as it is immersed, you can start the device which, by rotating quickly will help the brush to get rid of excess make-up.