Best Sellers

Every change of season it's the same: our outfits from last year seem old-fashioned to us, our favorite pieces have lost their shine, and the thinking time in front of our walk-in closet in the morning just keeps getting longer. It’s a fact, we don’t know how to dress anymore. So rather than spending hours on Pinterest or Instagram, we have selected our 50 looks spotted in the street and around the parades.
Trendy outfits, dressy or casual, feminine or androgynous, sharp or completely accessible: there is something for all tastes and desires. Among this myriad of looks, we have spotted a few stylistic recurrences that we will not hesitate to take from these trendy girls.
Focus on oversize
The volume combines the stylistic advantages: enveloping cuts, loose-cool look, maximum comfort, resistance to the cold ... all coated with a good dose of style. To soften our winter, the creators compete in originality and offer pieces of disproportionate proportions, going as far as enlarging the shoulders, covering the ankles and redrawing the silhouette. A maxi-look therefore, which results in an effortless extra style.
The body disappears in favor of the allure: we note that the XXL coat is easily worn over a sophisticated jacket, a fine mesh or a long flowing dress. We also notice the omnipresence of faux fur, the undisputed queen of street styles this winter, or even the mini-bag to play with contrasts.